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Childs wooden comb made from Ash with smooth round-ended teeth which will not scratch the scalp or damage the hair cuticle. 

This is a lovely light comb to use as well as looking very pretty.

This comb is cut, sanded & finished by hand. I take the time to make sure the teeth ends are smooth, so it’s gentle on the scalp :)


There are many benefits of using a wooden comb instead of a plastic one, here are just a couple,

Smooth seamless no static no snagging no frizz.

Distributes natural hair oil from roots to tips.

This is a great gift for a loved one!

I don’t use a CNC machine or a Laser Cutter, they are cut, shaped, sanded & finished by hand.

Childs Wide Tooth Comb (Ash)

SKU: 57
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